Friday, February 1


With a capital F, U and N! We are having so much FUN watching Drew's language develop, both receptively and expressively.

I was getting ready for work on Wednesday morning and stopped by the kitchen table to say goodbye to Drew, his dad and sister while they were eating breakfast together. I noticed that Drew did not have any milk to drink with his pancakes. I said, "Drew, would you like a cup of milk?" He instantly started vocalizing with his "I want something" whine while reaching for his sister's cup of milk. Drew's Dad and I know he understands that concept!

In addition, the number of words that he is using is growing. He is constantly repeating things we say and is actually starting to use the words in everyday play. Today he said, "ball" and then looked at Daddy and said, "Da da." The other night I was talking about needing to eat something and Drew started saying, "Eat." Ball, Pa Pa, Da Da, I don't and no are all words he now uses regularly, in addition to "uh oh," which he has said for months. He will also say "ahhh" anytime he picks up his play airplanes and "ooo" for the choo-choo sound of a train. The most exciting times are when we are not directly talking to him and he picks up what we are saying. Incidental learning is so important for language development, and we think Drew is doing very well in that area!

We're still working on the /sh/ and /s/ sounds, and those are taking a while longer to come about. Although he is making progress, saying the /s/ sound the other night as we played with a toy snake, we still have work to do in that area.

Each day with Drew is so exciting, as we get to share with him our language. I get chills at least once a day when he turns to look at me after I call his name. I love listening to him babble. And I love the new words each day brings. Now if we could work on Ma Ma...why is that the last word babies say?


Laurie said...

"Why is MaMa the last word babies say?" Because they save the best for last! :)

I'm glad Drew is doing so well. When I was little, my mother made a scrapbook for me with picture cut out of magazine, books, etc. and wrote the words under them (cat, dog, house, etc). We would sit together every night and go through that book and Mom would teach me how to say those words. I wish I could find that scrapbook today but I think it is gone. Reading with Drew and talking to and with him is the best training you can do!

Kristen said...

Congratulations on Drew's language development! It seems like once they start picking it up, they just have language explosion! I definitely get excited when Kevin says or understands something that I never taught him. They really can pick up the incidental language with the CIs.