Thursday, February 21

Do All Babies have CI's?

I was having a conversation with my daughter over dinner the other night that took a funny turn.

"Were you ever a baby like Drew," I asked her, curious of her answer.

"Yes. I was a baby. Now I a big girl," she said. Then she continued the conversation, taking it in a direction I never imagined. "And I wore CI and CI hat like Drew, when I was a baby."

I sat looking at her, thinking about the innocence in her answer and began to smile. She was so sweet and really thought that she used to wear a CI, a hat like Drew and that all babies apparently wear CI's, and then out grow them!

So, we had a conversation about how she never needed a CI because she could always hear with her ears, that Drew's ears did not work and that Drew will have to wear a CI when he is her size and even bigger. I wish everyone had the innocence of a child.


Landon's Mom said...

It's funny how their little minds work. When we first explained everything to Connor, we asked him if he understood what we had told him. He said yes, and that he didn't have to have surgery because when he was born the wire (aka electrode) was already inside his ear so he didn't have to get cut. Guess he figured everyone had to have electrodes to hear.

Laurie said...

How cute! Kids say the cutest things! How I often wish we adults thought like children and had that trusting faith. . .

I'm so happy Drew is doing so well!

Abbie said...

Kids are so darn cute these days!

auntangie said...

My niece is such a little sweetheart (most of the time)!! And I love that she always says "CI's" as if she knows exactly what she's talking about.