Sunday, February 17

The Fun Never Ends!

Comments heard in our house recently:

"Can Drew hear everything?"

"Does he understand everything?"

"Can you believe that he heard that?"

"Can you believe he just said that?"

"Did you just see how he noticed the difference between speech and music?"

This list goes on...

It just seems to us like Drew is hearing really, really well and his progress is showing just that. He now understands that there are different kinds of "balls." When we ask him to find the soccer ball, he will. Football? No problem. Basketball? That one isn't hard either, although Drew makes us laugh as he walks around saying, "Eddie," while holding the basketball. Eddie is the name of our dog, who put a big hole in Drew's basketball chewing on it one day.

The list of words Drew uses expressively has grown so long now that it is too hard for me to remember them all. The funniest thing he does is say "no" while he is doing something he knows he is not supposed to. Drew was coloring the other evening while I helped his sister make Valentine's for her class. I heard him saying, "No." I wondered what he was doing, so I turned to look as he was saying "no" again, and putting the crayons in his mouth! He is quite a little character.

Drew is constantly mimicking our language. He has even added the /s/ sound. He was mimicking me as I went through all of the ling sounds while we were driving in the car yesterday. I was surprised that he repeated /s/. I loved watching him work out the sound. He listened to me say it three times, and then softly repeated it. The only ling sound he not said is /sh/.

We're watching him grow. Watching him learn to talk. And we're having a lot of fun!


MB said...

That's so incredible! He's doing so well - we're so proud of him and we've never even met!

Jennifer said...

I got totally cracked up by his saying "no" when he's doing something he's not supposed to! He's going to have to learn not to tell on himself...although it's hard to scold someone who's so cute, isn't it??
I'm with MB...I'm proud of the little one, too. I actually had to tell my daughter and my hubby all about his latest accomplishments...and they know who he is already. I have a special spot in my heart for all my CI buddies, but the babies are special, and my family knows them all by name! :)
Go Drew! :)

Debbie/Steve said...

I just came to your blog and read about your son's journey. I'm very excited about his progess and he's doing amazing well. It just put a smile on my face of how well those little ones are doing. Isn't CI technology amazing?

Amy said...

Your blog makes me SO excited. I can't wait. One week from today we are implanted!!!!

Val said...

he's doing sooo good! It took us FOREVER to get that 's' added into everyday speech! But at age four those 's,l,w' sounds have come in nicely.