Friday, February 22

A Work in Progress

As the readership of Turn on My Ears! increases my email inbox has been expanding. Common questions include: What type of therapy is Drew participating in? How often does Drew attend therapy? What activities are you doing with Drew? How do you find time to be "Mom" and "therapist"? Some of these questions I will answer in future posts, but some questions have made me think of ways I can use the blog to help with therapy, both for Drew and for other children with hearing loss.

I've decided to start a Book of the Week club, to help describe the way we are using books as therapy for Drew. You will notice the addition of this section (and I've added a few of our favorites) on the right side bar. I will discuss different children's books we are working on with Drew and the specific activities we are doing in order to achieve specific results. I will add each book to the "Book of the Week" section with a brief description of how the book is helpful for developing listening and speech for a child with hearing loss. If you click on the book in the side bar, you will be taken to where you can review the book and purchase if you would like to do so.

I hope that this weekly addition, beginning this Sunday, will help generate comments where we can all share additional ideas or ways to use books in order to help our children learn to listen and talk! I hope this will turn into a wonderful forum for us to share therapy ideas through reading. Read with a child. It's the most important 20 minutes of your day.


Anonymous said...

Great idea! Does Drew actually sit still and allow you to read to him? I can only read to Ethan if he is locked in his high chair :-) He loves looking at his books, but has no patience for me turning the pages or reading the text. Aren't I so lucky?

Jennifer said...

I love that you added the Facebook button on your blog...I requested to be added as a friend. Don't be off-put by the purple hair ;)!

Kristen said...

I love the idea! All new ideas are welcome because it will help me not being stuck in a rut with our therapy. Your blog is great! Thanks for all your hard work!!!

MB said...

We love the "that's not my" series! And anything by Karen Katz is a winner too.

Anxious to read your posts about his therapy!

THE CRAGUNS! said...

I just found you blog and I think it's great. I have a three year old son who just received a CI this past November and is in the process of receiving his second. Thanks for posting about your journey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Drew's Mom: I am the mom of a 7 week old boy that was recently diagnosed with profound hearing loss in both ears. I found your blog and read it beginning to end. I would love to email with you directly but didn't see your email address. Can you email me at