Wednesday, January 30


This song makes me smile whenever I hear it:

Click Here for Lyrics.

Drew Walks: Check

Drew Talks: We're working on it!

Beautiful Girlfriend: In the distant, distant future!


Amy said...

Drews mom,

Hi, I am Mariah's mom. I think I have talked to you, or some how been sent to your blog before. My husband and I are at the point of picking out our implant company. Surgery is Feb 26th, and activation is March 18th. Mariah is 13th months old right now. Would you mind me asking questions....I am in need of insight at this point!! my email is

Drew's Dad said...


Please feel free to email either of us by clicking on our profiles on the right column of the blog, or ask your question in a comment.

If you ask in a comment here, maybe you'll get some good feedback from some of the other readers as well!

I hope we can help!