Wednesday, April 23

Thank You, Drew

For giving me moments daily to stop and give thanks for the gift of hearing:

While driving a few days ago, I noticed an ambulance pulling out of a fire station. It turned to come down the road toward us, so I pulled to the side of the road and stopped. Drew's Sister was listening to the Doodlebops, Drew's Dad and I were talking, and all of the noise in the car continued as we watched the ambulance speed by. After is passed, I began to pull back onto the road when I heard a beautiful noise coming from the back seat. Drew was mimicking, nearly perfectly, the sound of the siren that had just gone roaring by.

While blowing bubbles on the porch before dinner last night Drew heard an airplane in the sky. Looking up, he saw it, pointed to it and said, "ahhhh." It is the first time he has actually been able to find the source of the sound. We do not live close to the airport, but for some reason all commercial jets were flying over our house last night. Drew's Dad, Drew's Sister and I sat on the porch, rejoicing each time Drew heard an airplane, pointed to the sky and said, "ahhh."

I'm not sure that there will ever be a day where I take Drew's hearing for granted. Thank you, Drew, for allowing me to have an appreciation for something I used to (and so many others) take for granted.


michelle said...

Yes, you are so right in how few people appreciate the magic of sound. I am forever trying to explain to the general population how frequencies relate to speech yet it seems few are as facinated as I am.

Ed said...

I'm so glad I checked in on Drew's progress when I did, this was a lovely post.

Abbie said...

My heart just skipped a beat! I can totally relate to the little guy on airplanes! I never really heard them but I would feel them. I live right near two military bases and they have flight paths right over my house. The first time I heard them go over the house, I nearly jumped out of my skull! It scared me because I thought there was an earthquake.

If they wouldn't fly so low, I would be okay!

Could I ask you a teeney tiny favor? I was wondering if you could go over to Brianna's Journey, Brianna's mom created this blog because she is having her first cochlear implant surgery this coming Tuesday and she needs support, especially from moms that have been there. Would you mind popping over there and dropping a few words of wisdom? I would really totally appreciate it!

Val said...

I heard him say bubble plain as day! he's growing so fast.

auntangie said...

Getting in the car today he said "Angie" as soon as I got in, and then held his hands up like a question and said "Duke?" ... not just talking, but remembering and associating. Amazing.

Kristen said...

It is amazing how the smallest things just make you smile with these kiddos. Airplanes passing by will never have the same meaning again. They will always be 'ahhhhhh' to us!

Bill and Shelly said...

As Allison grows older it seems as she has been talking forever and your posts bring back so many wonderful memories for me. I still can remember Allison sitting on the steps with shoes in hand and as clear as day saying "help". That was her 1st real word.
Cochlear implants are amazing!! Hope to see you on the 3rd.

Judith said...

Thank you for your wonderful blog. I wonder if you would mind if I placed a link to your blog from our family blog site ? I do not like to place links without asking permission first. You have approached the whole CI issue without bias or rancor and that is rather refreshing in the deaf community
Our (adopted) son is profoundly deaf as am I. We have not gone down the CI road with him as yet for many reasons, but we do keep the situation under constant review. Nicholas was born profoundly deaf, he is six now and developing well and has been speaking for the last year. Until ten years ago I could hear, but following major head trauma I am now completely deaf. For a time I was also mute, but after eighteen months I was able to learn to speak again. Any way, I will continue to read through your site. Kind regards Judith van der Roos

leahlefler said...

Drew's speech sounds better than my (hearing) 2 year old's! I know it has taken a lot of hard work, but he is one amazing little guy.

It is true- you never take anything for granted with these little ones. To steal from the song, every word and every bit of babble are "ordinary miracles."

DAve & JAnie said...

Hello there, my name is Janie. I am the mom of a little gal, with about the same hearing age as your son! I have enjoyed reading your blog, and am checking out your book suggestions for Moo! Baa!... we are really into flap books these days, but great ones are hard to come by! Feel free to pop by my blog as well.

Drew's Mom said...


Thank you for leaving a comment. Please feel free to add a link to Drew's blog to your site. I will stop by and read your story.

Drew's Mom