Friday, April 18


Drew is loving the spring weather because he loves to blow bubbles! We blow bubbles on the porch each night before dinner. He enjoys it so much so that we have a hard time getting him to go inside when it's time to eat. He's even learned to say "bubble":

Drew will now walk to the front door and say "bubble" over and over again in hopes that we can go outside. The weather has not cooperated the last few days, but hopefully spring will be here for good soon so Drew can blow bubbles anytime he would like!


Mom to Toes said...

Go Drew! That is just so amazing!

Bubbles are the best. :D

Christian's Mommy said...

We too, have an obsession with Bubbles. And we have the GAZILLION Bubbles just like you :)

Bill and Shelly said...

Way to go, Drew!!!

In case you don't know, this is Shelly from the support group at AOCC. Just wanted to let you know that Allison is having her 2nd implant surgery tomorrow morning!!! YEAH. Hopefully we will see you at the meeting in May.
Glad I found your blog. We have one also in case you want to check it out.