Monday, April 14

CI Dilemma #2

What do you do on Sunday morning when your CI child is constantly crying because he keeps letting go of his balloon and can not reach it himself?

A. Put your Sunday paper away and follow him around for hours, constantly handing the balloon back time after time. You haven't read the Sunday paper since you had kids anyway, right?

B. Throw said balloon away.

C. Tie a loop in the string and hook it to your child's coil. That way when he lets go the balloon it is still attached to him.


Christian's Mommy said...

ok, that is hilariou

Christian's Mommy said...

You've been tagged. Come over to my blog to see what I mean :)

Abbie said...


This has me in stitches!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious AND brilliant! (Making a mental note on this one)

kids money said...

hahah . cool .. he looks so okay now

Mom to Toes said...


I LOVE it!

leahlefler said...

Dang. Tina tagged you, too. Oh, well! Consider yourself twice-tagged.

That is the best balloon-losing solution I've ever seen! We always end up tying an extra length of twine onto Matt's balloons, but he doesn't have a nifty coil to keep hold of it!

Celeste said...

Loved it! So funny!