Monday, March 10

Language List - 8 1/2 Months

Taten's Mom asked me in a comment on a recent post to make a list of Drew's receptive and expressive language. Here goes!

Receptive Language:

Ma Ma

Da Da

Pa Pa

Open (door)

Close (door)

Other one


Sit down







Bye bye

Spike it (when playing with his football)

Come here


Take a bite


Expressive Language:


Hello (he-yo)

Ma Ma

Da Da

Pa Pa

Up (uh)

Eat (eee)

More (mo)


Moo (mmm)

Baa (aaa)


Help (ell)

Clean Up (een uh)

Uh Oh

Oh No

Eddie (our dogs name)

Beep (eee, eee - car horn)

Choo choo (ooo, ooo)

Ahhh (airplane)

Tongue click (for a horse)


Thank you (ank oo)

Yeah! (complete with hand clapping)

Mickey (for the Mouse)

Cheese (eese, when his picture is being taken)

One of the really exciting things about his expressive language is that he is actually putting these words with his actions, not just repeating us when we say them. For instance, when he sees his toy airplane he will say, "ahhh." Or, if he wants a toy out of the toy box that he can't reach, he will say, "ell" for help. And in other exciting news, Drew is starting to use these words with his ears off! The other morning I went in to get him out of his crib and he had dropped his stuffed animal outside of his crib. As soon as I walked in his room, Drew said, "Uh oh," and looked down at his stuffed animal laying on the floor. Just amazing! When I handed it back to him he said, "ank oo."

Of all the words Drew can say, we hear "no" the most (all while shaking his head "no" too!). Sounds like a typical hearing toddler, if you ask me!


MB said...

Fantastic - so exciting! My favorite is spike it!

auntangie said...

You can add 'Angie' and 'Duke' to that ever-growing list! And what about "I no want that..." as he throws whatever "that" is out of his way.

He is just such a smart little boy -- just like his big sister. My two favorite people in the world!

Bright Family said...

Thank you so much for posting this list. It is helpful to know how others are progressing and the things they work on. Keep up the good work, Drew!!!

Thanks Again!