Sunday, March 9

Discover the Day

The Baby Einstein Discover the Day book is one of our favorites to read to Drew. There are times throughout the day where it is just not possible for Drew to wear his cochlear implants, like in the bathtub, therefore leaving him without any sound. As a result, picking up langague surrounding these situations is difficutlt. This book helps to develop Drew's language for such events.

We love reading the page all about bath time to Drew. We talk all about the bubbles in the tub and reinforce it with the bubble sound button. We talk about washing (wash, wash) your body and shampooing your hair. We'll even pretend to do these things to Drew while reading the book.

It's also fun to match up the symbols under the flaps in the book to the symbol on the sound board. My daughter loves to play the sounds as we read the book, and it helps children to hear the sound of the cat, bird or spring. One thing that can be confusing to children is that an object can have many different ways to make the same sound. I really think that it is a great idea to have the child hear how you would make the sound with your mouth versus how it sounds manufactured in the book. This helps to develop the child's auditory memory, and they will likely recognize the different sounds for the same object.

I never realized how much language Drew is missing out on during the times that he does not have his "ears" on, so it is nice to have books that can help enforce this important language.


Celeste said...

We were just given this book and it's also one of our favorites. We too have foud it very helpful.

*Thanks for your encouraging comment on my last post

Kristen said...

I've never seen that book before. I'll have to check it out!