Thursday, May 24

Under Two Weeks Until CI Surgery

Well, the countdown clock that Drew's Mom put to the right of the posts tells me that we are now only 13 days away from Drew's cochlear implant surgery.

I'm happy that it is almost here, but I've been getting progressively more nervous. The surgery itself is not very risky, but I suppose that even if it was a simple procedure of putting tubes in his ears I would be nervous as well. I just want to fast-forward two weeks so that I can know that he is comfortable and that everything is working correctly.

At that point we will have a lot of work ahead of us, but at least we can get started on that as opposed to waiting and waiting. He is now very active, very interested in watching us (and The Wiggles), and I can't wait to pair his obvious communication techniques with sound!

I believe that Drew is going to do great with his implants, and we're going to do whatever we can to help him. I just want to get through the next few weeks so we can begin together.


Jason said...

These are life-changing weeks. Our thoughts are with you... and through the equally impatient weeks between surgery and switch-on!

It is all so worth it and the wait disappears in the mind's eye to almost nothing. There'll just be this blog to remind you!

All the very best from all of us

Pål said...

Hi there,
found your blog while searching for litterature on AVT. My daughter was bilaterally implanted 6 months ago and has had her 'ears turned on' since january 24th. Her hearing is fantastic and I still am impressed with the speed of her progress and language development. There is no doubt in my mind children implanted as early as my daughter and as your Drew will benefit 100% from their implants. All the best and good luck.