Wednesday, May 30

Quick Update

I am feeling a little better tonight. I decided to take Drew to the pediatrician to see how he was doing with the fluid in his ears.

Drew's doctor found that the fluid in the right ear has completely cleared. He could not see the left ear drum, as Drew has a bit of an ear wax problem. Drew is not running a fever and is in overall good spirits so we know that he does not have an ear infection now, and with the fluid clear in at least one ear we are feeling better.


Karen said...

Ah, I can remember those days of ear infections and fluid! Mine are now 14, 11 and 9 and we haven't dealt with that in a long time.
Wishing you a smooth implant journey! :)

Shiloh said...

I bet you guys are on pins and needles! Baby Drew is in our thoughts and prayers! I'm sure everything will be fine. God Bless you guys!

Yana said...

Hello! Thank you for your nice comment on my CI blog!

I read parts of your blog months ago while I was still planning my surgery. Drew is a sweetheart!

I actually think babies and toddlers don't have such a hard time with the surgery. Hey, most of the adults with a CI that I know don't think it's that bad.

I am sure Drew's surgery will go just fine and on June 28 you will see him react to sound! :)