Friday, May 25

Final Meeting With the ENT

We had our final appointment with the surgeon today, just under two weeks before Drew's surgery. Dr. Kang wanted to have the meeting to answer any last minutes questions we may have and do one final evaluation on Drew.

During the evaluation Dr. Kang found fluid in Drew's ears. He has had a runny nose for the past few days which we attributed to teething (Drew has cut two teeth in the last week). But Dr. Kang thinks that Drew has a touch of a cold and that is causing fluid to fill in his ears. If the fluid does not clear before surgery it does not really add any risk to the surgery itself, but should the fluid become infected before his surgery it will be postponed.

At this point we are getting really nervous. Nervous that Drew won't be able to have surgery on June 6th because of an ear infection. We are also getting really nervous about possible complications with the surgery. Drew's Dad is really worried about complications that would cause facial paralysis and severing the taste nerve. All are extremely rare, but none the less, worrisome.

We have full confidence in Dr. Kang - he is a very experienced and talented surgeon and is the chief of the department at Children's. We trust him fully, but we are Drew's parents so we worry about every detail. We are trying to make the best decisions for Drew and ultimately surgery is a necessary evil to allow Drew to hear. We'll be a lot better once June 7th is here.


Sam said...

As parents, we all worry about our youngums no matter what. But rest assured, you guys have absolutely wonderful in the path you have taken. I am sure Drew is proud to have such wonderful parents.

Billy said...

He'll be fine. They have to tell you the risks, it's their job to do that. Like with any surgery there are risks and maybe this and maybe that to make parents nervous, but you have to take that chance and hope for the best.
My taste buds were not the same after the surgery, but they have now come back.
I check your blog to see how Drew is doing often, he is a cute little guy. I have two boys myself, but a little older.
Like everyone told me, it will turn out ok.

Mom to Toes said...

I'm thinking of you all!

Drew is in good hands - both with the surgeon and with his parents.

He is a lucky little boy!