Thursday, May 10

Activation Scheduled

Drew's activation of his bilateral cochlear implants has been scheduled for June 28! I think I might need another countdown clock...the day he will start with his hearing journey.

Drew and his Gam-ma now have a special day to share with each other. We will always celebrate Gam-ma's birthday and Drew's hearing anniversay on the same day. Can't wait for Gam-ma's (oh, maybe I shouldn't share the age?) birthday this year! What a wonderful day June 28th will be when Drew hears his Dad and I tell him we love him for the first time.

Looking forward to June 28th. Happy Hearing, Drew!


Billy said...

Hey There,
Hope everything works out for little Drew. I got my CI last Wednesday May 2nd and everything worked out great. It's just that I'm a little older, 44 years :)
They say the little ones click real good with the CI's, so ya got nothing to worry about, he's gonna be fine. A boy one of my son's played baseball with was deaf, lip reading and sign was his way of communication, he got one CI and now he doesn't sign or lip read anymore, so good things will come, and like they tell me, be patient, and it get's better with time. I get turned on at the end of the month, May 30th, not sure what to expect. I did hear at one time, and use a hearing aid at the moment, but my understanding is very little. But I feel good about what I have done, never gave it a second thought once I was qualified for a Cochlear implant. Yeah I was nervous about the surgery, but it went fast and you never read or hear about a surgery gone bad, so the worrying which you will do is only natural.
I too have read a bunch of crap from the deaf world trying to tell people to stay that way, but really, do you really think a deaf person wants to be deaf? It's just a crazy front they put up, just ignore them, your making the right choice for Drew. Because it is all about Drew.
Best of luck,

Anonymous said...

This post made me teary eyed. I think when we found out that Ethan was deaf the thing that was the hardest to swallow was that he wouldn't hear us tell him how we loved him. It's pretty emotional, even now that he has been hearing for 6 months. So happy for you guys!

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