Monday, March 26

Moving Forward

We are very excited with the pace at which we are now moving toward having Drew bilaterally implanted. I am so happy that we re-evaluated the decisions we had previously made and that we decided to change course.

In the beginning, we had only looked outside of Columbus because the reputation of the cochlear implant program through Children's Hospital was poor. Lately we felt we were not being aggressive enough with Drew's intervention, and decided to re-evaluate our previous decisions.

Since then, we have learned that the tide is changing with an increase in the strength of the Columbus implant program. Similarly, we have discovered that many of the negative comments we heard regarding Columbus audiology program were not entirely applicable to our situation. Some of these initial negative impressions other parents had have changed since the arrival of Dr. Kang and the perspective he brings to the audiology program, and other opinions we heard on the perceived weakness of the audiology program were due to certain children struggling with their hearing progress due to other barriers that those particular children were facing.

With this new, aggressive path we are taking, Drew will be having a CT Scan on Wednesday. Dr. Kang told us that as soon as he receives the results from the CT Scan, he will schedule Drew's simultaneous surgery. Our goal is to have the surgery when he is nine months old. Dr. Kang's office will work with our insurance company to ensure coverage for his surgery.

Please keep Drew in your prayers on Wednesday, as he will be under an anesthetic for the procedure. We will let you know as soon as we have the results from the scan and Drew's surgery date!

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