Wednesday, March 14

Drew's Sister Is A Blessing

In all this excitement and concern over Drew's hearing, sometimes I get worried that someone is getting neglected. That someone is our two-year-old daughter.

The books say that bringing home a new child can be traumatic to their older sibling(s), and so naturally we were a bit concerned. It ended up that Drew is nothing more than her new best friend, and I can't recall even a moment of tension between them (yet). Nevertheless, simply because we are so busy scheduling, preparing for, re-scheduling, driving to - and from - Drew's appointments, it has to be taking some kind of toll on Drew's sister.

I am hoping the weight of all this will never overload her, and so far I can't really tell anything is stressing her, but I still worry. Between her getting to go to We Joy Sing, which we enrolled Drew in to let him hear the music that the children sing there, to being allowed to beat a drum as hard as she can (again for Drew to try to hear something) she appears to be having a great time all around. The only trouble we've had is when she thinks Drew needs a diaper change. She says "poopy" over and over, and then "snap" a few times, and then "wipe", "wipe". If you're not paying close attention, you'll look over and Drew will be completely naked. She just wants to help him.

Because of her "helping" (and I use that term loosely), as Drew gets bigger we anticipate that his sister will be one of his biggest assets. She can attend his auditory-oral classes on a regular basis as a "student peer" which should bring some fun to class. Also, I suspect that with her rate of language development she'll have no trouble helping Drew practice his words. I personally don't know if I'll be able to talk enough to make up for a year of Drew not hearing the spoken word, but between his mother and his sister he might be seeking some earplugs. [Please no one tell Drew's Mom I said that]

We aren't writing about her much here, so I thought I'd just point out how important she is to all of this for us and for Drew.


Shiloh said...

Your children are so beautiful! You can definatly tell they are brother and sister. Drew is so lucky to have such an awesome sister. I only hope that Isaac will be as accepting of his new brother Noah. If you get a chance you can check out Noah Russell's blog. There are ultrasound pics on it. The link is on Isaacs site. Thanks for the comments on Isaac's blog. It is so nice to read such kind comments! God Bless you guys!

Aunt Angie said...

I can honestly say that Avery is one of the happiest little girls I know, and I fully agree that she will be an asset in Drew's journey to hear. Drew is lucky to have her just as she is lucky to have him. And I have fully enjoyed the times she's tried to "help" ... :)

Don't ever doubt either your skills or decisions as parents... none of us ever do.

Love always!