Wednesday, March 28

CT Complete...Barely

Drew had his CT scan today, a critical step in moving forward as a cochlear implant candidate. This will allow Dr. Kang to see the anatomy of Drew's inner ear, and to ensure that Drew has a cochlea for the electrode array of the implant to be inserted in.

When the CT scan was scheduled we were told that Drew would need to be sedated because he would need to remain still for the scan. To say that the sedation did not go as planned is an understatement. Drew managed to fight off all of the medicine he was given, never was drowsy, let alone sedated, and remained awake for the entire procedure. To say that Drew's Dad and I were concerned that they would have to reschedule the scan would be an understatement.

Thanks to the wonderful nurse and radiologist at Columbus Children's, Drew was still enough for the scan to be completed today. The nurse and radiologist managed to take a pacifier (which Drew has never had before), dip it in cherry syrup, place it in his mouth, securing it temporarily by using medical tape wrapped around his head. Then they strapped him to the table to reduce as much movement as possible, and ran the scan. Drew was amazing, allowing all of this to happen to him while starving, since he had not been allowed to eat after 2 AM!

We are expecting the results in the next two to four days. Dr. Kang told me that he would call with the results and assuming the scan comes back as we anticipate, we should have a surgery date within the next few days!

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