Wednesday, November 29

Scammers Abusing Phone Aid for Deaf - Video

This MSNBC video illustrates the lengths that scam artists will go to these days. As if targeting senior citizens or the general public was not disgusting enough, now those in the deaf community are being subjected to these criminals via a service known as IP Relay.

The lastest hotbed for robbery seems to be Nigeria. Undoubtedly you have recieved some of the Nigerian Email Scam emails sent from a wealthy foreigner who just needs your help to move the money out of thier war-torn country. As this video shows, they are now moving beyond the impersonal contact of email to personally contacting would-be victims using a service developed especially for the deaf or non-speaking individuals who are not hearing impaired.

Another article entitled Internet Scammers Target Deaf Community describes more of the same. Their website also includes a similar video.

If this issue concerns you, please contact your local Congressperson and urge them to look into how this needed service can be improved.

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