Wednesday, November 15

The Surgery Alone Is Not Enough

I have learned a lot about hearing loss over these first weeks. The most surprsing to me is that no one piece of the doctor, audiologist, therapist combination is going to secure my childs ability to communicate orally. It will be the combination of all three that will determine his success with his cochlear implant.

An otolaryngologist (specializing in pediatircs) will perform the implant surgery. The CI (cochlear implant) audiologist will assist in the surgery. Once the implant is in, the doctor has completed his piece of the puzzle. It will be the audiologist, who "maps" the implant, and the therapists that determine the success that Drew will have with his implant.

My next challenge will be to select the best team possilble. I know that I will directly impact the success that my son has with his implant through this decision.

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