Monday, November 13

Intitial Research

Ever since Drew's diagnois, my ear has been glued to the phone. So many people to call, so many recommendations about how to tackle this challenge. So many different opinions. I think that the one thing I have learned is that everyone in this field has their own belief on what we should do for Drew and how we should educate him. My husband and I do, too.

I want my son to communicate and live in the hearing world. Why wouldn't I? That is the world that I live in. It is the world that his Dad, sister, grandparents, aunt, and uncle's all live in. Why do I feel like so many people in this field are pushing us toward total communication? If I hear, "any communication is good communication" one more time I might get sick.

I have seen first hand that children with profound hearing loss, with the right intervention through an oral deaf education program, can live in the hearing world. That is my goal. My only goal. His family's only goal. And until someone tells us that there is a medical reason to think otherwise, it is the only thing we are going to focus on.

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