Saturday, September 11

Game Day Treats

It's a big day in Buckeye Country, as we face off with the Miami Hurricanes later today. To get into the game day spirit, we're baking some yummy football treats. Which also happens to be a great language activity for Drew!

Drew is counting the number of cupcakes we are making. We also discussed the colors of the cupcake wrappers, and counted the number of yellow, red, pink, etc. Great for pre-math skills!

While we've known for several years now, through all of our therapy session, that baking provides a rich source of language, it hasn't really worked with a crazy boy that can't sit still for more than a minute. However, as Drew is nearing his fourth birthday (gasp), his attention span is growing. He's actually really enjoying baking, among other things, now.

Today, we talked about the ingredients that go into the cupcake mix. We counted. We sorted. We asked questions that made Drew recall what we had done, each step along the way. (Drew, did we add the eggs or the butter first?) He had fun, and in no way knew he was doing work!

The finished product!

Go Bucks! Beat the Hurricanes!


tammy said...

I LOVE baking with Aiden! This is actually one thing he will sit still for, even at two! The cupcakes look mighty yummy! Go Bucks!

Melanie said...

Peas loves to bake too...especially when chocolate is involved. :) Love those cupcakes!

leah said...

Adorable! Those are making me seriously hungry!

I am Trish Marie said...

We are baking cupcakes with Emmi this afternoon! She is having difficulty with the concepts first/second/third and before/after/next. I thought baking would be the perfect way to work on this. Or perhaps, it is just because I love cupcakes...

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