Tuesday, August 31

Road Trip!

Oh. My. Word. We just returned from a weeks vacation at the beach, and my ears need a break! We took a little road trip to the lovely island of Hilton Head, South Carolina, to celebrate the last un-official week of summer. While road tripping, Drew decided that he likes to talk. A lot. And he talked the entire 10 hour drive. Non-stop. He was relentless. Never tired. Talking the entire ride. It went something like this:

[Drew]: Mom. Mom. Mom! I need to talk to you because I like to talk. Mom. Mom. Mom! I have something to tell you. Mom. Mom. Mom! Buzz and Wuzz rhyme. Did you know that? Mom? Mom! Did you know that Woody and Moody rhyme? Seriously, it rhymes! I'm serious. Jessie and messy rhyme. I'm serious.

[Me]: Drew, it's time to settle down and rest. You need to take a nap. Let's stop talking.

[Drew]: But Mom! I need to talk. Mom, I need to talk. I need to tell you something. Zurg and furg rhyme. Did you know that?

[Me]: Drew, it's nap time, now STOP TALKING!

[Drew]: But Mom, I can't sleep. It's too light out. I can't sleep. I need to talk.

[Me]: If it is too light, put your blankie over your eyes and take a little rest.

So this is what he did:

And he continued to talk, at a whisper, under the blanket for the next hour. Once he pulled the blanket off, you can pretty much re-read the above conversation. And that was our trip. For ten hours.

Actually, my ears are ringing just writing this post.


Lily's Mom said...

Love it!!

leah said...

Thanks for the chuckle! He is so funny under his blanket (still talking)!

Amy said...

What a funny little guy!!!

Mom2BeautifulGirl said...

LOVE it!!

tammy said...

Hilarious! Hope you all had a great end of summer vaca!

Bill and Shelly said...

It is these moments that make us say.......we wanted them to talk, why?( Just Kidding).
I know what you mean....there are times I just have to ask Allison to stop talking and give it a rest, but what a great feeling!

Jennifer said...

I laughed out loud reading this post. I have blogged about this same thing. The constant, non stop talking! I have it times three since the boys are triplets. Some days I cant even keep up with the questions in the car. I feel like they are firing them at me so quickly!