Saturday, September 18

Across the Field

Drew attended his first Ohio State football game this weekend! We made the mistake of telling Drew on Wednesday that we had tickets to this weekends game. He was instantly excited, and has been asking each morning if it was time to go to the game. Today, when we opened his bedroom door, he simply said, "Terrelle Pryor?" To which I nodded, and Drew's grin lit up the whole room.

Drew's love for all sports is infections. His love for football is awesome. Drew's Dad and I are really enjoying sharing our love of everything Ohio State with our little boy. Today, we introduced him to "Skull Session", stadium hot dogs, The Best Damn Band in the Land, Carmen Ohio, the Buckeye Bounce and an Ohio State Victory.


MB said...

We went to Marielle's first game a couple of weeks ago. She was insistent that she take off her hearing aid and CI. How did Drew react to the noise? She's never been bothered by loud noises before; this is a first.

Drew's Mom said...

I've heard of several children requesting that in noisy situations, but we haven't had that issue with Drew. The only thing I've noticed is that I have to lean over and talk into the microphone of his CI in order for him to hear me. Also, his batteries die faster because the CI is processing sound 100% of the time.

Do you have any programs for her CI for noisy situations? You might try having the audiologist make a program for noise. And I also know of families that have a personal FM that they use for these types of situations.

leah said...

I love it! Nolan went to his first major league sporting event when we were at John Tracy (Dodger game). It was a lot of fun.

Nolan sometimes requests that we turn his HA off, but leave them in his ears (in noisy situations). This usually lasts only a few minutes, and then he wants them on again. He can't decide which is worse- the noise level or missing out on everything!

Bill and Shelly said...

All I can say is....OH......IO