Thursday, March 18


Our request to have Drew's Cochlear Implants upgraded was denied by our insurance company. We now go forward with an appeal. We'll keep you posted!


leah said...

Why does everything have to be so hard? I know you'll be able to win this appeal, but it would be nice if the insurance company didn't make you go through all the hassle!

Melanie said...

I read on someone else's site that Cochlear is working with a company that helps people get the N5 upgrade...can't think of the name of the company. I assume you know about it?

Naomi said...

ours was denied too but we're in Australia so we have a few other avenues that we can go through. I assume that you've got Cochlear's graphs with the improvement in sentence recognition etc?

Landon's Mom said...

I couldn't find your email to answer you back so I thought I'd send it here. I first sent an email to our case manager at the insurance asking what they would need to see about getting the upgrades approved and gave her a brief summary of all the benefits of the new processors plus the problems we've been dealing with his old ears. She asked me to get a letter of medical necessity from his doctor so his audiologist wrote up the letter and had the surgeon sign it requesting the upgrade.

We've been really lucky with how easy it's been getting Landon what he needs through the insurance. He's the first one they've ever had going through this so they're really basing their approvals on documentation/information we are giving them. Our audiologist was shocked they approved-she said they usually don't approve upgrades until the old ones are 5 years old. Sorry I'm not much help and good luck with the appeal!! Drew is doing amazing~~he should be a poster boy for CI's and early implantation :)