Friday, March 26

The Fishy Song

Each week at school, Drew's class has a specific focus. It could be shapes (he made the cutest little book!) or colors or, like this week, counting. And each week the class has a special song they work on that goes along with the weeks theme.

Throughout the year I've known about the songs, and Drew's Dad and I have worked with him at home, singing the class song. Well, this week, Drew learned his song at school all by himself! (And I really like how he finishes his consonant sounds - a big piece on our IEP!)

Enjoy "The Fishy Song".


One, two, three, four, five
Once I caught a fish alive!
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Then I let him go again!
Why did you let him go?
'Cause he bit my finger so.
Which finger did he bite?
This little finger on the right!


leah said...

Goodness, that is ADORABLE! His school is great- you were so right in fighting for that placement for him. Drew is a rockstar, but there has been a lot of hard work put into that success!!

Arineh said...

Drew is amazing! I just found your blog and immediately watched his activation videos, which brought tears to my eyes. I am a 3rd year doctor of audiology student, a couple months shy of beginning my residency at a clinic where I will have the opportunity to work with children and I am very excited! Your videos made my heart melt.
I am going to link Drew's activation videos to my blog: They are priceless! Thank you for sharing these precious moments, I will be following your blog!
Oh and I'm sorry to hear about the insurance denial... please keep trying! :)


Susan said...

Great singing Drew! Love "finger" - so clear.

Mom to Lily
Life is Bliss

Jenny- Sienna's mom said...

Love the song, Sienna started dancing as soon as she heard him sing.

Amie said...

Wow,that's wonderful!Isn't it amazing how good they can perform?I'm looking forward to the day my girl can sing like that.she's almost 3 but was implanted only 7 mnths ago.she's catching up fast,talking and achieving things beyond my imagination..
Your little boy is wishes to u

Alex said...

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