Tuesday, February 9

Nucleus 5 Upgrade

Cochlear has developed a new external processor, called the Nucleus 5. You can read more about it here, and find many of the new advantages and features that come with the N5. One of the reasons that we chose the Cochlear brand is because all of their current implant recipients can benefit from their technological enhancements and upgrades, regardless of time since implantation.

We have begun the process of submitting for the upgrade through our insurance provider. Cochlear is working with a company called Access MediQuip to assist with insurance coverage for the upgrade. You can contact them at (866) 586-8083. They will ask you to provide you insurance information. Your audiologist will need to provide a letter of medical necessity. More information on the upgrade process can be found here. We should hear something in about three weeks regarding approval (or denial).


leah said...

I sincerely hope you get approval without any hassles! It will be interesting to see what Drew thinks about the difference between his current processors and the new N5, since he is able to verbalize what he is hearing.

Good luck!!!

PinkLAM said...

Hope you're able to get good coverage! We actually had the insurance people at my CI surgeon's office take care of all of the insurance coverage. They certainly know what they're doing, and we were able to get some coverage, but there's yet to be an actual dollar amount of how much is being paid for. I guess that's the one disadvantage of going through someone else.

Anonymous said...

Hi, My son just received the nucleus 5. He is 18 mos, 14 mos corrected but only 15 pounds. I saw pics of Drew when he was very small and you had him wearing a little cap I am guessing to keep the implant in place. (ie football picture-very cute by the way!) We are struggling quite a bit with keeping the implant in place and I would love to know how and where you got the cute and handy caps Drew was wearing. Please let me know if you get a minute..thanks
Joanna Labonte

Alex said...

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