Tuesday, July 21

Moog Summer Workshop: Parent Share

One of the best parts of the Moog Summer Workshop included a "Parent Share" on Sunday morning. Each family shared a language activity they have enjoyed with their hard of hearing or deaf child.

We shared our literacy idea with the other parents. Many of the families in attendance have children much younger than Drew, so I hope they will find the idea helpful in the coming years. Drew certainly has benefited from the activity, and will frequently ask us to walk around the house with him and point out the letters. It has also been an excellent way to identify which sounds Drew is able to produce, and which ones he can not.

Some excellent ideas we came away with from the parent share include:
  • Peek-A-Boo bags: Excellent for throwing in the diaper bag and using as an activity while waiting during doctor appointments. I really like the A-Z and Learn to Read bags and will be ordering them soon!
  • Tune Ups! Music: In the car, music is a great activity for all children. This CD was created specifically for children with hearing loss. It includes ideas on how to incorporate language while listening to the music! So exciting!
  • Experience books using a Snapfish-type service. I've made some homemade versions, but hadn't thought of making a more professional style book. They look so nice and are much more sturdy.

Others shared favorite books, like Five Little Monkey's or homemade matching games with pictures of items throughout their house. I really like this idea, as it incorporated items that should be familiar to the child. It was by far one of my most favorite parts of the seminar.


Bright Family said...

I started to respond to this, but it was ridiculously long, so I just responded over at our blog :o)

Thanks for posting the great ideas!

Tiffany C. said...

Really great ideas! We have a friend that went to the MOOG school, she's actually the one who talked us into getting a CI for Brayden.

leah said...

I LOVE those ideas- Nolan would love the peek-a-boo bags. We've actually made an experience book via snapfish- it is really great and extremely sturdy. It can be a tad more expensive than using dollar store albums, so I've only done the snapfish versions for holidays/family and for the more routine day-to-day stuff I use the dollar store albums.

Nolan is almost two- I should start the literacy lettering now!

susannah said...

these are GREAT ideas! thanks!

Carmen said...

Hi Jenny!
It was great meeting you and everyone else at the Moog, it was a great experience for us. I hope things are going great with Drew. Take care!