Wednesday, July 22


We made some tough decisions about a year ago, and changed locations for Drew's audiological services. After just two mapping appointments, Drew's new audiologist decided to move to Cleveland, Ohio, and to a practice that does not perform pediatric cochlear implant mapping. Ugh. So, once again we were left without audiology services. We are very fortunate that our new audiology program quickly filled the open position, with a highly skilled audiologist, which we met with for the first time early last week.

Drew was an excellent patient for his new audiologist, allowing booth testing to be conducted for over one hour! With Drew's amazing ability to perform conditioned response, we got our best audiogram results ever. I was so pleased with the way the testing was performed by the audiology staff, and with how well Drew did giving very reliable results.

After the booth test, Drew's new audiologist told us that he was not happy with Drew's responses in the booth! The audiologist felt that Drew's maps could be programmed better, and that we shouldn't simply accept responses at 25 db. "Drew can do better than this," he said.

Oh, it was like being in heaven! Finally, someone that doesn't simply accept that Drew can talk, but actually reads accurate testing results and wants to make improvements. Heaven, I tell you! I've finally, after two years, found my match! Please don't leave us, new audiologist!

How did we celebrate? A trip to Kings Island!


susannah said...

what great news for drew- and you! it is so important to have an audiologist who fights as much for a good map as you would!

PinkLAM said...

That's great! I've had a couple of audiologists who were not-so-great, but the last two I've had (most recent one with hearing aids until I got my implant, and now my CI audiologist) are awesome. It really does make a world of difference being with the right person, and it's really great that you're looking out for what's best for little Drew!

Laurie said...

Sounds like a wonderful audiology appointment! Hope the new changes work well for Drew!

leah said...

Oh, how wonderful! Send some of that good audiologist mojo our way- We STILL have never gotten an aided audiogram for Nolan. Not ever. Granted, he hits mild in the high frequencies in one ear, but he's at 60dB in the low and mids, so it would be nice to know that his hearing aids are set correctly!

tammy said...

That's so wonderful you all had such a great audiology appt and one where they said "he can do better"! What a great advocate for Drew! Really though ... a whole hour in the booth? I know Aiden is a lot younger, but I've been wondering too, about our mapping appts, as from what I've been reading lately, ours are a lot shorter (we're in and out - soundbooth and mapping - within 45 minutes ... and that's with a lot of chit chat) *BIG SIGH*. Oh I hope Aiden's getting what he needs.