Monday, July 20

Blogging Fun in St. Louis

We've returned from our annual family vacation, which this year included a trip to The Moog Center for Deaf Education. I'll share information from the wonderful courses and seminars we attended throughout the four day conference in future posts. I would strongly encourage those readers with young children with hearing loss to attend the Summer Parent Workshop. It is an excellent educational opportunity as well as a wonderful way to meet other parents. (And as a bonus, your child will receive four hours of therapy throughout the seminar! For $150, it's worth it just for that!)

Our first night in St. Louis we were able to meet Elizabeth from Deaf Village and co-author of Cochlear Implant Online. Elizabeth is currently working on her graduate studies in oral deaf education and certainly has a world of possibility in front of her. The way she interacted with Drew was amazing, and Drew's Dad and I quickly began the recruitment process, trying to lure her to our area of the country.

Elizabeth, it was wonderful meeting you!


Kel said...

Glad to hear it was such a good workshop! I will definitely have to go next year :)

Val said...

VERY COOL, I think Elizabeth and Rachel are on a meet as many ci kids as they can....?

oh, and my word verification this time is "goear" imagine that...having to type go ear before leaving a message on drew's blog

Lily's Mom said...

Very cool. Josh, Lily, and I will have to make plans to go out there next summer. 3 weeks until Lily's surgery. . .Yay!

tammy said...

Isn't Elizabeth just wonderful!?! If you get her to move to your area, we're moving there too! I've been trying to recruit her since day one! : )

leah said...

The Moog conference sounds wonderful! And I know you guys are all trying to get Elizabeth to move to your area, but we have a Moog school in Buffalo. The perfect job opportunity! You like snow, right Elizabeth?