Friday, May 8

Holding Pattern During MFE and IEP

Last month Drew's Mom posted that we were a "Little Off Course" as far as our blogging goes, so I thought I'd just give a little update.

We're still having some disagreements with our school district concerning getting the MFE and IEP scheduled, and indications are that we will likely not agree with the placement they will offer. It's very strange for a district to indicate what placement will be offered before they've evaluated the student...which is part of our probable disagreement here.

We are taking notes and in the end hope to pass along some very valuable experiences and reccomendations for those of you out there that will be getting into this process a little later. For now, though, we might not have too many updates until we know Drew is going to be placed appropriately.

Talk to you soon!


leah said...

My goodness, you have quite the struggle on your hands! Here's to everything getting worked out in the end, and we all know you'll post what you've learned after going through this. IEP meetings are not for the faint of heart!

Anonymous said...

Its possible that they are indicating what placement prior to evaluation because they do not have the placement that you are requesting and it would require the district to make some significant changes in staff. They are trying to make their current stituation work for your unique situation.