Saturday, April 11

A Little Off Course

As you know, we are in the transition process from Part C to Part B of the IDEA. Unfortunately, this road to securing an appropriate placement for our son is looking to be a bit more difficult than we had anticipated. With the public nature of the Internet, I do not feel comfortable sharing the details of our transition, at least not today. But know that we are here, advocating for our son, and learning a lot about the IDEA, LRE, IEP, etc. of the situation at hand.

I am keeping all information at hand, and will share once a placement option has been selected for Drew and the transition process is complete. This is quite a process, and my hope is that the research, letter writing, advocating that we have done for Drew, and will continue to do, will help another family in a similar situation. I just can't publicly share the information at this time.

Thank you for your continued support of our little boy. I know that in the end, Drew's Dad and I will be back on course with the educational plan we have for our son.

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