Tuesday, March 31

120 Meeting

We are having our 120 Meeting with our school district today, to discuss the transition from Part C to Part B of the IDEA. All children must transition at the age of three, which for Drew is in September. Today we will be requesting a preschool placement for Drew in Preschool Option C.

We find Option A to be an inappropriate environment for Drew, as he does not need a full time aid to interpret for him. This is not the environment we want Drew to be involved in, as we have no plans on requesting an interpreter when he mainstreams into Kindergarten in a few years. We also have serious concerns about the level of education being provided in the classroom, since there is no circle time, discussion of days of the week, weather, etc. Quite honestly, I would not send my hearing child to this program.

Option B was solid, but we were concerned about the teachers' lack of special education qualifications. In addition, we did not like the limited week schedule and the shuffling of kids from one program to another though out the day. Drew is a little boy that craves schedule, and I fear that a program where he is constantly moving around, not knowing what is coming next, could be difficult for him.

So today, we will meet with the school district and request Option C. It is absolutely perfect for our little boy. Our hope is that it will be approved today and that the Multi-Factored Evaluation be completed before the end of the 2008-09 school year.


AJ's Mom said...

Good Luck today! You two are some of the most awesome advocating parents I "know" (via cyberspace-hehe). I'm sure you'll be presenting the reasons why the option you chose is the best for Drew. Go Drew's Mom & Dad!

Lucas'Mommy said...

What an exciting time for you guys! It sounds like you know exactly what you want and what is best for Drew. You're such great advocates, that I have no doubt that you'll get it either.

It's so great that you have so many options to pick from too. We don't. I'm worried about it already, and we still have 2 years! (okay, a little less with the transition process) Our option is TC preschool A or random preschool B. I'm not necessarily coming down on the TC preschool - with so few HI kids in the area, they are trying to meet all needs, and I can't blame them for that. Nonetheless, I don't predict that's where Lucas will belong. The teacher herself is severely hearing impaired and has very poor speech quality, which in turn I see as a poor speech model. I think she's great, but not for an oral deaf child. Lots to think about!

Anyway, lots of luck to you! I can't wait to read how it goes!

Christian's Mommy said...

I hope everything goes well for you guys!

Ben's Mom said...

Good luck next week. You two are such incredible advocates. Thanks for keeping us posted on Drew's progress.