Sunday, March 29

Meeting Lily

We had an opportunity to meet sweet little Lily last week. She was diagnosed with profound hearing loss shortly after birth, and like Drew, it is a result of Connexin 26. We enjoyed talking with Lily's parents, and hope that we were able to lend support during this time.

Drew enjoyed meeting "baby Lily." And, as his typical self, he enjoyed playing basketball for Lily's parents, showed off his clear understanding of time outs (as he was showing how he can stand on the table) and, as he ate his snack, showed just what a big mess he can make. I hope that Drew showed Lily's parents just how normal life really is for a family with a baby with cochlear implants.


Paula Rosenthal said...

When my daughter was newly diagnosed, the best thing that helped me keep a positive frame of mind was to meet and talk with other parents of children with hearing loss. It's the "pay it forward" effect that actually benefits both families. :) Your blog is filled with valuable info for families!

Please consider linking to my blog as I've had yours linked at HearingExchange for years. Thanks in advance for your consideration and please let me know what you decide.

Kel said...

That is so wonderful - what a gift you gave them! I know the first time I saw a class of students at our deaf school, I choked up, because for the first time in the flesh I saw deaf kids, saw them talking and laughing and joking and defying their teacher and just being KIDS. I wish every parent with a newly diagnosed hearing loss could have that chance.

tammy said...

Oh yay! I'm glad you all got together! I need to plan a special trip to Ohio so we can all get together for a big CI playdate!

PS - Thanks for your great advice on routine and keeping the CI on!