Sunday, February 8

Auditory Memory

After Drew woke from his nap yesterday afternoon, he was very cuddly. I love it anytime either of my children want to cuddle, because it seems as though those moments are becoming fewer and farther between. I was holding him on my lap, rocking him, as he watched television.

I leaned in and gave him a little kiss on his neck, telling him how much I love him. He continued to look at the television, content that I was holding him, but wanting nothing to do with looking at me.

I made a kissing sound a couple of times, and then asked, "Drew, what noise am I making?"

Drew, with his attention still focused on the television, said, "Mommy making a kissing noise."

I was so excited! Drew actually knew the sound I was making, from his auditory memory, and was able to tell me exactly what sound I was making, without any visual clues! I can not believe how normal his hearing development is. Just amazing.


mbishopp said...

seriously, so cool!
I hope it all goes as smoothly for us as you make it look. :)

Tanna's Triplets said...

Very cool!!!