Saturday, February 21

A Conversation

While at Urgent Care Wednesday evening, treating an ear infection, Drew and I had a little conversation:

Drew: "I wanna go Chuck E Cheese!"
Me: "OK, Drew. We can go to Chuck E Cheese one day."
Drew: "I wanna play basketball with Daddy. And [sister's name]. I wanna go to Chuck E Cheese."

At that point, I would have really enjoyed being almost anywhere other than where we were. The wait at Urgent Care was going on two hours, and I was growing impatient and increasingly tired.

Drew: "I go Check E Cheese!"
Me: "OK, Drew. We can go to Chuck E Cheese one day, as soon as you learn to go pee pee and poo poo on the potty."
Drew: "Like [sister's name]?," he questioned.
Me: "Yes."
Drew: "OK, where is potty?"
Me: "Drew, you want to go to the potty right now?"
Drew: "Yes, go pee pee, go poo poo on the potty. Go to Chuck E Cheese!"

I tried to explain to Drew that we really needed to stay in our examination room. While I am all about the "potty training," I also knew that I did not want to miss (and have to wait longer for) the doctor for an uneventful trip to the potty.

Drew: "Go poopy! Go to Chuck E Cheese!"

As I continued telling Drew that we couldn't go to the potty right that second, he decided to slide down the wall he was standing against, squat in place and pretend to go poopy. It was hilarious! And, most surprising, he actually understood every aspect of our conversation. I was using a lot of language throughout that I really thought was kind of over his head. Apparently not, as he clearly understood everything I was saying.

Our little conversations around here are getting really fun!


Amy said...

I guess you are just lucky that he didn't go on the potty there at the doctor's office, and then insist that you follow up on that promise immediately! :-P

Oliver insists on wearing his undies over his diapers these days... he's pretty close to being potty trained but with the hectic lives of 4 boys, we often miss the crucial opportunities!

Dustin, Heather and Gavin said...

Hello Drew and Family.
I just thought I would check out your blog. It has been awhile. I'm glad Drew is doing so great! Gavin my son loves to see the Drew Buckeye video. He laughs. I think he likes seeing other kids with implants thinking oh they are like me. I hope you dont mind but I showed that entire video to my family and added it to my blog as well.

Have a good night
-Heather and Gavin

Landon's Journey said...

Hi Drew's Mom:

My name is Jennifer. I was reading your blog and it has truly touched my heart. I'm recently going through exactly what you went through at the diagnosis stage. My son, Landon was born Jan. 6 of this year and he has profound hearing loss. We found out yesterday as a matter of fact, so this whole "shock" stage and the tears and the questions as to "why him?" are all fresh.

But i wanted to let you know that after coming home from the ENTs office we (my husband and I) found a video of drew on youtube and i saw the link to your blog. I wanted you to know that reading your blog has even me a little hope, that light at the end of the tunnel. The knowing that i am not alone and that what i'm feeling is completely normal. i feel as if my world has come crashing down on me and i feel like this is all surreal and its just a bad dream.

I dont know anyone on a personal level that has or even can imagine what i, as a mother is feeling right now.

i would really like to talk to you, maybe through email. I would really like to talk to a mother who's been there.

I'm new to thins blogging thing, so i really dont know how it works. Um, my email is

thank you so much and i'm so happy to see that Drew and your family are so happy now. I only hope to get to where you are one day.