Sunday, January 4


Setting: Our living room. Daddy and Drew are playing the Wii. Mario Kart, to be exact.

Drew: "Do it again," referring to another race.

Daddy: "You want to do another race, Drew?"

Drew: "Yes. One more time. One more time...One more time," while holding his index finger in the air.

Daddy: "OKay, Drew. We can race. ONE. MORE. TIME"

I sensed that Daddy was becoming a little annoyed with Drew's repeated requests to continue to race, for over one hour. Drew continued...

Drew: "Drive cars. Mountains. Snow. My turn. I can do it. Drive cars. One more time."

Daddy: "Drew, can you say anything?," referring to Drew's wonderful use of vocabulary while playing the Wii.

Drew: "Anything. Anything..."


Lucas'Mommy said...

Priceless! What kids will do to get what they want... :)

Kel said...

I love it! He sure has a way with words as only toddlers do.