Saturday, January 24

All Is Well

I have been a bad blogger! But I guess everything is just so normal around here that I don't have much to say. I can only say that cochlear implants are truly a miracle so many times. The number of words Drew uses on a daily basis is in the hundreds, if not thousands, at this point, so keeping a running list for you is impossible. I just can't put into words how normal life is, how wonderfully lucky we are that Drew is able to hear and how rewarding it is to see our hard work pay off on a daily basis.

Our most recent efforts have been centered on our upcoming Preschool tours and the impending IEP process. We find great value in sending Drew to a hearing impaired preschool program (which I will blog on the "why" in a seperate post), and we are very fortunate that there are three programs in our area that specialize in teaching the hearing impaired. We have preschool visits scheduled for the first two weeks of February, and we will share with you our analysis of each program and our final decision. I have also been educating myself on the IEP process, and have much to share. There are many of us going through this at the same time, so I am hopeful that we can learn from each other how to secure the services best suited for our child and our families.

Drew continues to amaze us all with his progress. As I was putting him to bed the other night, he looked at me and said, "Mama, I wanna go to golf (golp) store and hit the ball in hole." 12 whole words in one sentence, and it's not surprising that his first 12 word sentence would involve something related to sports! The boy loves sports, probably more than anything else in the whole world.

This is just so, so, so much fun!

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susannah said...

i love hearing how many words drew can use, how your hard work is paying off, and how normal life is!