Wednesday, September 24

My Little Superhero is Two!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Drew!

It is appropriate that Drew had preschool today, as they sent home the first "What I Did Today" letter. So, at exactly two years of age, Drew's read:

"Today I"...

  • Tried and tried to close the lid on the 'bear in the box' toy. After three attempts I asked for help.

  • Said "more please" and "thank you" during snack time.

  • Called all of my classmates by name.

  • Jumped and danced during music time with Ms. Karen, and appropriately made all of the hand motions to 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'.

Two years ago I knew nothing of hearing loss. In fact, I think that September 24, 2006 was the last day that the words "hearing loss" didn't enter my thoughts throughout the day. Two years ago I could never have imagined what bright, funny, athletic and amazing little boy Drew would become. He truly is the best!

Oh, and on his second birthday he finally learned the word "yes!" It is so wonderful to hear him answer a question with a word other than "no."

Happy Birthday Drew, Drewsie, Buddy, Drewser, Drewmolisher! We love you!


elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday, Drew!!!

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday Little Superman!

Jennifer said...

I hope he has a great day!!! What a sweetie!

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday, Drew!

You all have come a long way and making great progress! Enjoy him while you can because these years fly by fast! Hope to meet the little guy soon!

leahlefler said...

Happy Birthday, Drew! And may the word "no" take a long needed vacation for the rest of this year (g)!

Landon's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Drew!

Jenny - where did these first two years go? I'm getting the stuff ready for Landon's party and it seems like we just brought him home from the hospital. These last 2 years have been a blur. So did Drew like the cake any better this year? If I remember right, last year he only liked the icing.

Drew's Mom said...

Landon's Mom:

I have NO IDEA where these last two years have gone! They have flown by, and I can not believe the place we now find ourselves. Quite different from the feelings two years ago!

Drew loved his cake! You are right - last year he really didn't want a lot to do with it. I guess another year of food introductions, primarily sugar, and he is in love with anything sweet!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Drew!

Bill and Shelly said...

Happy Birthday Drew!! Look how far you have come in just 2 short years. You have a bight future ahead of you!!

Karen Putz said...

Happy birthday, Drew!