Friday, September 5

Drew's Therapy Notes

Our teacher through the Regional Infant Hearing Program is absolutely wonderful! Not only does Drew love her, but she is excellent at communicating and educating parents on not only language but cognitive development.

Below you will see Drew's therapy summary from this week. You can see the things we are working on and see how he is progressing. Also, the book we are reading this week, "Dear Zoo," by Rod Campbell, I would highly recommend!

Auditory Objectives/Materials Used:
1. Detect Ling sounds with conditioned response/Pegboard and Hoop
2. Discriminate environmental sounds/Everyday Lotto Sounds and Chips

Child’s Responses:
1. Drew detected and repeated all 6 Lings at 12 feet. He also repeated consonant-vowel and consonant-vowel-consonant patterns with /b/, /p/, /m/.
2. He did great with this even when I added a fourth sound. He discriminated 3/3 w/lion, bell, door, 4/4 w/cry, fire truck, dog, Happy Birthday, and 4/4 w/phone, drum, water, cat.

Language/Speech Objectives/Materials Used:
1. Update LDS
2. Birthday vocabulary/Playdoh and Birthday Bag
3. Follow directions with 2 critical elements/Little People

Child’s Responses:
1. Mom completed and returned it to me on Thursday. Drew had receptive and expressive skills in the 22-24 month old range!
2. He really enjoyed this activity and followed all my directions as we talked about each item in the book and bag. He also used a lot of speech in imitation and spontaneously.
3. Drew did an excellent job with this! He put the baby in the bed and Daddy in the tub with a choice of 3 people and 3 objects.

Cognitive Objectives/Materials Used:
1. Attend to a book: matching, prepositions (in, on top)/Dear Zoo Bag

Child’s Responses:
1. Drew participated with this but was starting to tire by this time. He understood the difference between in and on top but did not want to put the animals on top of the boxes. It was adorable when he told me “no” every time I asked him to put the animals on top instead of in the box. By the end he was doing it spontaneously and saying “on top”.

Give him multiple-step directions at home. Make them relevant to something he wants or likes to do. It will help develop his auditory memory as well as following directions.
Continue to use prepositions (in, on or on top, under, over) and prepositional phrases when playing or interacting. Add some harder prepositions such as behind, next to, in front, etc.


Laurie said...

Wonderful! Drew is doing really well. I know you are pleased! Keep up the good work. I bet he enjoys the one-on-one time, too!

leahlefler said...

Man, I really wish we had a licensed AVT in our area! I love the ideas- I'll have to steal some as Nolan gets a little older! We actualy own Dear Zoo, though Matt has ripped off all the flaps. I should buy another one...