Sunday, September 21

Back in Business

We have power! It was restored late on Thursday evening. I have never been so happy to do laundry and grocery shopping in my life! (Although our fridge and freezer is still sparse; it will take a while to replenish all we lost.)

There are still tens of thousands of people in Ohio, many of our friends, still waiting on power to be restored. And then there are those in Texas where Ike came ashore that could be without power for weeks. We send our thoughts their way; five days without power was very difficult. I can't imagine longer.
Picture of the boat ropes used during the storm to tie the electrical pole to the tree. It broke at ground level from the 70+ mph winds:

Picture of the debris pile in our yard. It runs the length of our property, and before it settled was waist high:

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Bill and Shelly said...

So glad your power is back on. We were one of the lucky ones and were without for only 36 hours. Hope to see you sometime soon, I want to hear all about what Drew is saying and doing.