Monday, May 12

New Friends

I've been emailing with a Mom from the east coast of the United States for several months now. Her son Ben was born in January with profound hearing loss. They are just beginning their cochlear implant candidacy. Through the wonderful world of the Internet, she was able to find Drew's blog, and we have talked at length about our path to hearing for Drew. She has decided to start a blog for Ben, and one of her first posts reminded me of one of the reasons why we wanted to start a blog for Drew as soon as we learned of his hearing loss. So to Ben's Big Family, we are so happy to have "met" you and so glad that we can help. You're at the beginning of an amazing road for your little boy!

Also, when Always Gone Dad left a comment on one of my recent posts, I was able to find Amelia's Journey. Amelia was just activated last week, and her dad just posted her activation video. Very exciting!

And, you'll want to check out six year old Brianna's story! She is waiting her activation in under one week! We've been reading his blog for awhile now, but Christian is scheduled for activation on May 27th!

I'm so glad that the Internet has been able to bring us all together. I know that Drew's Dad and I were really inspired by several little ones, as we went through the candidacy process for Drew's cochlear implants. I'm glad that we are now able to help others in the same way that those who have gone before us were able to help Drew and our family.


Laurie said...

Wow. So great to hear about Drew's "new friends!" We've come a long way haven't we, with the Internet connecting us. I know my mother would have utilized it 40+ years ago when my brother and I were diagnosed with our hearing loss. She had to do all of her research in the library, by phone, and by mail. . . and wait for snail mail.

Going to check out your links. . . thanks for sharing!

Mom to Toes said...

Thank you for sharing the new links! I just am so amazed (and thrilled) with how big the CI Parent Blog World has become.

My Google Reader list just keeps getting longer and longer!

Always gone Dad said...

Once again you seem to put it all in the proper perspective, and I can honestly say that Drew's story and many others have helped our family stay focused for our Little Amelia.

Thanks again for your thoughts,and for sharing with all of us.

Bill and Shelly said...

It is so great that you are there to help other parents. We sort of went at it alone until we found AOCC, so the fact that you are willing to put yourself out there is going to be such a great help.
Hope to see you on June 14th