Wednesday, May 21

10 Months Post Cochlear Implant Activation Video

We've consistently been updating you with stories of how Drew is doing: funny things, surprising things, etc. Well, here's the latest video showing how Drew's spoken language is progressing to this point (19 months old, 10 months hearing).

You'll see that he can respond to auditory commands, make some animal noises, sing parts of "Ba Ba Black Sheep", loves giving kisses, and can be very assertive at times!

For those of you who have CI children of your own, or have kids who may be getting a cochlear implant sometime soon, please remember that every child is different. Some kids will show more language development than Drew at the same "hearing age" of 10 months, and some will show less.

The road to maximize Drew's success with hearing and spoken language has just begun for our family, but we are happy with the way things are working to this point. We hope you enjoy.


Landon's Mom said...

That is amazing!! He is doing great. I know you're working really hard with him and it definitely shows.

I loved when you asked him if you could have the train and he told you no - that was too cute!!

auntangie said...

I LOVE IT! And the best part is, that the video doesn't do him justice at all.

The only reason he's excelling like this is because of you two! It's amazing to see your blogs now compared to a year ago. What a year it's been!

And him telling you EVERY TIME his coil comes off -- that should show you that this little boy WANTS to hear. And I hope that gives you both a sense of satisfaction. He's amazing, and so are you two!

Mom to Toes said...

He is doing SO well!

I am floored that it has
been 10 months since his activation. It seems like just yesterday.

Your hard work is definitely paying off.

And, he is such a cute little guy!

tammy jean said...

What a GREAT video! It brought tears to my eyes watching this and a huge smile on my face! Drew is such a cutie!!! It is amazing to think that my son will hopefully get this experience one day too! My name is Tammy and my son Aiden is two months old and was born with profound hearing loss in both ears. We have just started our journey and I am overwhelmed, scared, shocked, angry, yet wouldn't change anything about my bundle of joy! I have found tremendous peace by just reading all of these great blogs out there and would love to be able to keep in contact. Aiden gets his hearing aids next Tues and we start audio verbal therapy next week as well. There's so many options and so much to learn. Thank you for sharing your story! I'd love to hear more from you!
Tammy ( or visit

Celeste said...

I love your blog! You and Drew are so inspiring. I don't leave many comments, but I am always reading! Thanks!

Bill and Shelly said...

Once again you have taken me back to the early days. I feel like I am reliving all of the precious moments that Allison had through Drew.
Allison was watching the video and told me remembered doing all of those sounds with Miss Debbie.:-) Oh, how far Drew and Allison have come!! It is just great.

elizabeth said...


Abbie said...

I am in awe of how well the lil guy is doing in only 10 months! The hard work is really paying off!! I would love to see more videos of Drew in action.

Jennie said...

Drew is such a sweet little boy. I, too, love the "no's". So age appropriate.

Thanks for sharing.

leahlefler said...

Nolan started clapping while watching the video- he loves the Baa Baa Black Sheep song (g)!

Drew is doing amazing- his articulation is wonderful (better than my 2.5 year old hearing son's)! Lots of work, I know, but it is certainly paying off!!

Always gone Dad said...

I dont think I have the right words in my vocabulary to explain how that video made me feel.. Totally amazing the results of all the hard work your family has done..Way to go Drew and way to go Drew's family!

Christian's Mommy said...

OMG I LOVE IT! He is doing so great! Kuddos to Mommy and Daddy for being such amazing parents to such an AMAZING little boy.

(So, do we get to be moved up to the CI blog area now on your page heee hee)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say God bless you for the work you doing for your son, it is amazing and inspiring.