Saturday, September 22

A Look At Drew's First Year

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Happy Birthday Drew!!The video is precious! Drew's belly laugh is contagious. I can't believe how many teeth he has - Landon just cut his first 2 this month. This first year has flown by. I can't wait to see where the boys are at this time next year - it is definitely going to be an exciting year.

Jennie said...

Happy Birthday Drew. You are a precious gift to your mommy, daddy and sister.

Thanks so much for sharing this video with us.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Drew! I love this video! He's absolutely beautiful, those big blues...what a heartbreaker. He's come so far and so have you Drew's mom and dad. I know first hand how much everyone has grown and it has been a privilege to watch the journey unfold.

Mom to Toes said...

Happy Birthday, Drew!

I have tears in my eyes. I LOVE the montage/video!

What an amazing boy you have on your hands.

I can't get over how many shots of him look just like some I have with Erin. The same exersaucer. The same Parents' musical instrument set.

But the thing that gets me the most is his eyes and how alert he was, right from birth. Erin was just like that.

I look forward to watching Drew grow! I think he has a lot to show the world.

And us.

Yana said...

What a beautiful family Drew has!