Sunday, September 2

Drew's First Consonant!

Drew had a milestone today. Drew's first consonant, drum roll please, is /g/. We were talking to him after his nap this afternoon when he broke out the /g/ sound. At first we weren't sure, but he repeated it several times for us.

Drew even had a sing song conversation with Daddy using the /g/ sound over and over. Drew's Dad would say "ahhh gooo" and then Drew would repeat it. Then Drew's Dad would say "ahhh" and Drew would say "goo". We had so much fun this afternoon listening to him repeat the sound over and over.

Drew's language now includes the following sounds: /ah/, /m/, /e/ and now /g/. Not bad for a baby with a hearing age of a two month old!

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Kristen said...

Congratulations....! What a great milestone! This is just the beginning of a lot of fun for you and Drew.