Wednesday, August 8

Responding to His Name

Drew is continuing to amaze us everyday. This journey to hearing is so exciting. We have turned Drew up to P2 which is an ADRO program. Drew's audiologist plans on using this ADRO setting for all future maps, as it really helps children by equalizing both loud and soft sounds to a comfortable listening level.

Drew continues to have multiple therapies weekly (a big thanks to Gamma who chauffeur's him around Columbus to all of his appointments while Mom and Dad are off at work!). During therapy it has been noted that Drew is responding nearly 100% of the time to environmental sounds of all decibels. He's even responding about 90% of the time to speech sounds. Truly amazing.

Here is some recent video. Note the loud environment - clearly not the best listening environment, but he's doing well. Also, note the ignoring he does after he responds the first time. Looks like he is learning from his sister.

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Laurie said...

He's doing great! ADRO is my favorite program. When I was first activated, BEAM was my favorite but it has changed for the better.

Sorry we couldn't meet in Ohio. . .maybe next time!