Sunday, August 26

Booth Test

Oh, how I am getting used to "the booth". Four grey, padded walls where all sound in the world is blocked out and you can hear every little noise or breath you take. I think in some ways Drew is getting used to "the booth" too. A little too used to it, to the point he just ignores everything that happens in it!

Drew immediately alerted to his name at 35 dB. Then the audiologist attempted some tone sounds. Drew did not like them at all and refused (and I mean refused) to alert to them. He kept his eyes intently focused on his toys and looked like he was straining not to show any reaction to the sound. The face he was making was so funny!

The audiologist decided that maybe Drew needed a little incentive for responding to sound, so she decided to say his name again. When Drew immediately alerted, she rewarded him by setting off a dancing elephant that lights up and spins round and round. Drew hated it! Seriously HATED it. He started crying his "Mom, I am super scared cry," turned around and climbed up me as fast as he could, hanging on for dear life. It took me several minutes to calm him down and at that point he had no interest in the remaining testing.

The audiologist felt like Drew was definitley hearing at 40 dB's across all frequencies, but with him being so uncooperative we really don't know exactly what he is hearing with his current program from a technical standpoint. Drew's Dad and I, however, feel very confidant that Drew is hearing very well. He responds so well to environmental and speech sounds on a daily basis. Just tonight Drew consistently responded to the sound of a door about 15 feet away being opened and closed. I don't think seeing Drew respond to sounds will ever become "habit". I think these moments will remain a special reminder of just how blessed we are that we were able to turn on Drew's ears.


Abbie said...

Oh boy! He is getting the selective hearing syndrome :) I'm glad to hear that he is doing so well.

Sarah Furlough said...

Thanks for your good wishes on my blog! I have to tell you, Drew is beautiful! I look forward to catching up on your previous posts, and getting to "know" you.

Anonymous said...

How sweet that he is afraid of the lit up dancing elephant! Ethan loves that so much that we get all sorts of false positives since he is always looking at it waiting. Won't it be nice when they can tell us what they are hearing?!

I know what you mean about not taking the hearing thing for granted. We were at the store today and Ethan's batteries died, so I ended up signing with him until we made it home to a new pack of batteries. It's hard to imagine a day that I don't feel blessed that he has his Ci.