Thursday, August 9

How Lucky is Drew?

He's pretty lucky. It's true: Drew is blessed with the best big sister a little boy could ask for! She talks to him constantly (actually, she talks constantly to anyone that will listen, or if no one is listening, she'll talk to herself!). She loves to "help" put his "C.I." on each morning and after his naps. She will practice the ling sounds with him. "Ahhh." "Eeee." "Oooo." It is just precious. As this journey continues on, Drew's Sister is going to be a large part of each of Drew's successes.

She is only 2 years old, but her language is amazing! Just tonight she put 10 words in a sentence, "Me dance to mucus (a.k.a. music) while Daddy get me tiny water." The other night she said, "Me no like peas very much Daddy!" She has some grammatical issues, but hey, she's only two!

Here is Drew's Sister singing her "A. B. C.'s":

Here is Drew's Sister counting to 10:


Laurie said...

Aww! Drew's sister is beautiful! I loved listening to her "little girl" voice! Yes, Drew is very lucky!

Cloggy said...

Indeed, very lucky. No such thing as an older role-model. We are seeing it daily with Lotte and her older brother and sister.

They are precious!!

Sam said...

What a lucky guy Drew is to have a wonderful sister! I have a sister 10 years older than me but when we were kids, I remember how she used to "take care" of me...fond memories!