Tuesday, April 10

Youngest Child in Ohio to Receive Simultaneous Implants

It is amazing to me how many things have been in the media recently regarding deafness and cochlear implants. I don't remember seeing so many things about the deaf community and cochlear implants before Drew was born deaf, but then again, maybe I am just noticing it now, since these story lines impact my life in such an emotional and personal way.

The local CBS affiliate did a Pediatric Health Source piece on the youngest child in Ohio implanted simultaneously (a title we are hoping Drew will soon take over!). We were so excited to see this story, bringing awareness to congenital hearing loss and cochlear implants in Columbus. In the story you will see the Doctor and auditory verbal therapist that will be working with Drew. We have become friends with this little boys family and are so happy to see his progress, as he has been hearing for only three months! (Notice in the video the babbling he is doing. It makes me cry every time to watch it, as I sit waiting on the day Drew will babble like a "normal", hearing baby).

There have also been story lines on CSI: New York and Law and Order, Criminal Intent just in the last week that revolved around deaf culture and cochlear implants. These stories were both quite interesting to watch. I have to admit that I laughed quite a few times at the "deaf culture" undertone in CSI. The Law and Order story was actually quite good as they accurately portrayed experiences we have had with "deaf culture". In one scene a deaf mother was so happy her baby was born deaf, calling a hearing child, "a time bomb waiting to explode." I guess our daughter will explode any day now!

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Cloggy said...

Great blog, and looking forward to read the rest... I just started...

You, and your family will enjoy the CI-journey, just like we are doing at the moment.