Sunday, April 15

Cochlear Implant Discussion Groups and Listservs

If you are asking yourself any of the following questions, visiting the link below should help you find some answers.

1) Where can I find out more information about cochlear implants and hearing loss?
2) What are some good cochlear implant, deafness and hard-of-hearing discussion groups?
3) Are there any cochlear implant listservs?
4) What is it like to be a parent to a deaf child with a cochlear implant?
5) What is the best education style for my deaf child?

Visit Cochlear's Discussion Group Page to help you determine the answers.

Also helpful is Boston Scientific's "Bionic Ear Journey Resouces" Page. There you will find a downloadable "Hearing Resources Guide".


Xtreme English said...

what a sweet little guy! I'm 70 years old and celebrating two weeks since my CI was turned on. It's an experience like no other. I was born hearing, then got pneumonia at age 26, received tetracycline which killed my hearing, and have been deaf for 44 years. At age 70, I'm learning to hear again, so why not give that opportunity to a deaf infant as soon as possible? I confess I don't know anything about implanting infants, but having experienced what one hears via a CI, it makes perfect sense to me to do this as early as possible. Good luck to little Drew and to you, too. This is a great blog, btw. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm still realing from that neat comment above!

Love that you posted those links, I'll be looking at them shortly.

I appreciate the news about Strickland and the regional infant hearing program. I'll share it with the folks at Cinci children's tomorrow, in case they haven't heard. It's a huge disappointment to say the least. Is there any way they have thought about the costs that are incurred over a lifetime when early intervention isn't taken? They FAR outweigh the costs of running a program like this one.

You guys inspire me!

Laurie said...

Drew is so adorable! Thank you for your thoughtful comment on our son, Brad, at Virginia Tech. He is doing okay but is still in shock. He has a great group of friends and they will get through this.

One is never too young or too old to get a CI.

(We are Buckeye fans, too!)

Laurie in TN

MomtoToes said...

I love the Bluetooth analogy!

That is one reason we chose silver for Erin's equipment.

Great blog!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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