Thursday, December 14

Entire Deaf Family Recieves Cochlear Implants - Video

This ABC News report focuses on an entire family that has recently recieved cochlear implants.

The mother and father were born deaf and were implanted in thier 40's, which is probably a pretty rare step to take for those who have been signing thier whole life, finding much success without hearing. Their two children are also deaf, and were implanted at a young age.

This video shows the parent's excitement when they hear each other's voices for the first time, as well as the first sounds thier children were able to hear. It also shows the incredible speaking ability for the older girl. While we have both seen several kids with similar language skills, seeing videos like this still leaves me in awe.

We have not seen any reaction from Drew when wearing his hearing aids, so we are increasingly hopeful that he will benefit from a cochlear implant.

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